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Digestion is the process in which your body breaks down food into small nutrients molecules. There are three main functions of the digestive system. First it breaks down food into molecules the body can use. Then, the molecules are absorbed into the body into the blood and carried throughout the body. Finally, wastes are eliminated from the body. There are two types of digestion- mechanical and chemical. The process of digestion begins with the mouth. In the mouth you have your teeth which start the mechanical digestion and the saliva which starts the chemical digestion. Then the food goes down the esophagus and into the stomach. In the stomach mechanical digestions starts with the churning inside the stomach and chemical digestion in the stomach is the acids and enzymes that break down the food a little bit. Then in the small intestine occurs most of the chemical digestion in which food is absorbed by the villi. Then in the large intestine water is absorbed from the excess wastes. The wastes are then taken to the rectum and eliminated out through the anus. The major parts of the digestive system is the small intestines, the large intestines, the stomach, the liver, and the mouth.

Digestive System Flo Map

Diseases of the Digestive System
One of the diseases of the digestive system is called appendicitis which is when the appendix inflames with diseases and can blow up. Another disease is called gallstones which are small pebble like stones in the gallbladder. The last one we're going to mention out of the many is called liver cirrhosis which is when the liver slowly deteriorates and malfunctions due to chronic injury.

Ways to Take Care of Your Digestive System
Step 1- The first step is to eat right, consume proteins, carbohydrates, and fat at the right amounts.
Step 2- Drink a good amount of water and avoid drinks with a lot of sugar and caffeine.
Step 3- Exercise daily up to 60 minutes a day.
Step 4- Get scheduled tests from your doctor for any diseases.
Step 5- Don't smoke, it can cause gallstones and heartburn.

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