external image moz-screenshot.png¡The skeletal system!
By Vincent Imbrogno and Dylan Hiat

the skeletal system is a vital system of the body. Without it we would have no shape and would have to be handicaped. The 206 bones in our body help us stay together and move.

This is a sketch of a femur. There is many parts to a bone and they all have a certain job.
Outer membrane - This part of the bone is just the outside of the bone except for the ends of the bone.
compact bone - This is right under the outer membrane and it is dense and hard but not completely solid.
spongy bone - This is under the compact bone. I has many cavities and it is strong but very light.
Bone marrow - This part of the bone has an important job. It produces blood cells and most of the bodies blood cells come from bones.


diseases and injuries´╗┐

how treat injuries