The Respiratory System

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The respiratory system is responsible for taking oxygen from the outside environment and processing it to the point were your can use it. It is also responsible for removing carbon dioxide and excess water from the body.


Major Parts Involved

Nose/Mouth: Takes in air

Pharynx: Aids in transport of air

Trachea: Moves air from pharynx toward lungs

Bronchus: Direct air to lungs

Lung: Air moves throughout through smaller and smaller airways on its way to the alveoli


Diseases of the Respiratory System

Asthma - constriction of hypersensitive airways

Emphysema - damage to air sacs walls causing loss of elasticity

Lung Cancer - malignant tumors that develop in lung tissue

Influenza - serious infection cause by the influenza virus

Common Cold - infection caused by a virus

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How to Avoid Illnesses

  • If you are a smoker, then you can try to prevent yourself from smoking. Not only will you cease harming yourself, you will also stop spreading second-hand smoke to the rest of your family.
  • If you don’t smoke avoid second-hand smoke as much as possible. You have to know that this type of smoke is even worse than the smoke that you do inhale while smoking and is known to have caused a lot of people to suffer from respiratory diseases.
  • Another thing that you can do to avoid getting any respiratory illness is getting plenty of rest and a well-balanced nutrition. If your body is well rested and well nourished, there is no reason why your immune system won’t work to battle any disease.
  • It is also very important keep yourself from having too much stress. This means that you have to avoid worrying too much about problems and other worries because being exhausted and stressed mentally could also ruin your health
The Respiratory System
The Nose

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