The urea is carried in the blood to the kidneys. Then the kidney filters the urea and other unwanted materials out of your blood. All the unwanted materials make urine. Then the urine travels down the ureters, little tubes that lead to the bladder. The bladder fills with urine. The bladder can hold 16 ounces until it needs to let it out. Then when your ready the brain tells the sphincters to open up and let the urine out. And that is the excretory system

There are many different diseases and injuries that can effect the excretory system. One is a disease called gout. Gout is where your uric acid builds up because the system cannot produce and get rid of it properly. Gout causes joint pain and discomfort. Another is Kidney failure. Kidney failure speaks for itself because it is when your kidney fails. This is bad because you kidney is what filters out urea and extra water.

The way to keep the excretory system healthy
-Drink 8 glasses of water daily- it caries most of the urea to the kidney
-eat a healthy diet- your excretory system needs plenty of nutrients
-avoid toxins- the more toxins your body gets the more your kidneys have to work.

There is another type of excretion which occurs in the digestive system. Where waste enters through he mouth the waste after all nutrients are gone the waste passes through the stomach, then the small intestine, the large intestine, the rectum, and finally the anus.

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By: Deb Das, Sam Speaks, Max Rodgers, and Ryan Brown.